Saturday, September 15, 2012

So the Hoku Kea project is more or less on hold as of right now. With the switch-over to the new Director there is, inevitably, a period of down time and in talking to Dr. Martin it seems like the best course of action for me was no course of action. So. not much to report there.

Because I was planning on doing some work with that project this Fall I find myself with a little more time and still with a desire to do some kind of astronomy-related programming. I quickly found a fellow student, Mike, who is trying to complete his senior project and was having trouble working with the python script. I've never seriously used python, but this is, after all, exactly the kind of thing I want to learn with it.

So, it has been some fun days of learning python, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and all sorts of other goodies. I realized that I haven't actually sat down to learn a new language in quite some time, so it is a good refresher.

Follow along.

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